Sea Turtle Conservation

Raising Awareness Of Sea Turtle Conservation

A sea turtle begins life hatching from an egg buried in the sand of tropical beach. It digs its way out, then scurries toward the safety of the sea. Two decades later, a female turtle will return to the beach where she hatched to lay her own eggs. However, in the meantime, the quiet tropical beach may have become a busy tourist attraction; and the eggs stolen to make breakfast omelets as soon they are laid. The Sea Turtle Conservation ceremony is held on Nai Yang Beach each year when the turtles arrive to lay their eggs. Conservation experts are on hand to explain the life cycle of this remarkable animal, and the importance of protecting the eggs so the species can continue. Children are especially welcome at the ceremony, in the hopes that they will carry this important message into adulthood.


Opening Time :06.00 - 08.00
Ticket Entry :THB 200
Telephone :(076) 211036, 21221
Address :Nai Yang Beach Thalang District Phuket

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